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Selling A Home in Sugar Land

Selling a home in Sugar Land…

…or anywhere else for that matter, is a full-time job, and knowing how to stage, price, market, and show your home to its best advantage is a tall order! Fortunately, at Prime Properties, we have over 35+ years of experience helping your house put its best face forward. You want to get the best price for your house in a competitive market. The Sugar Land Real Estate professionals at Prime Properties know how to help when selling a home in Fort Bend. Contact us or give one of our Sugar Land real estate agents a call today and get the process started.

There’s good,  better,  best, and then, there’s PRIME.

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Selling A Home News

  • “As homeowners, we all love to relax outside, and tips for staging your deck is essential for beautiful curb appeal. Whether you’re considering deck decorating ideas by adding color and textures for a welcoming appeal, or you want to stage your deck with a grill and entertaining spaces, it’s essential to make your patio deck area inviting as well as safe throughout the changing seasons. Take a look at these 5 curb appeal tips to help potential buyers visualize entertaining, relaxing and enjoying their outdoor home with these patio deck ideas.” Check out these 5 curb appeal tips from The Spruce!

  • The COVID-19 virus has changed how we socialize, grocery shop, almost everything…including conducting business. Protecting the health of our buyers, sellers and agents is our top priority at Prime Properties, so we’ve made some significant changes to ensure that home buying and selling continues to be a safe process for all parties involved. Check out this Q&A with Prime Properties’ Broker, Stephanie Nelson to learn what important measures we’re taking. Q: How are residential real estate showings being conducted during the global Covid-19 pandemic? Prime Properties agents are offering virtual showings. In a virtual showing, the buyer’s agent goes to the house alone and Facetimes or Skypes the buyer for a personal tour of the home. They describe the features of the house and its condition, answering questions along the way. After the showing, they can even provide the video record of the call. If the buyer likes the video virtual tour, the agent will schedule an in-person tour of the home. Prime Properties agents are also getting professional videos made of their listings to include on the MLS so buyers can do a walk-through tour online before they have their agent do a Facetime or Skype video. We are including more photos with our listings as well. Q: What changes have occurred to in-person buyer showings since COVID-19? The first thing we do before we meet with anyone face to face is to do a brief interview to ensure that they are not experiencing symptoms, haven’t been exposed to people that are, and haven’t recently traveled outside the US. We don’t want to risk exposing our buyers, sellers or agents. We are asking buyers to not bring children inside the house. We ask they stay in the car and have one parent at a time tour the home while the other parent waits with the kids. This is an effort to control the number of people inside a home. We need to take extra precautions with occupied homes and want to protect both buyers’ children and sellers’ children by making sure nothing inside the home is touched. Sometimes children just can’t help themselves! So, to be careful, it’s best not to bring the kids, if possible. We are asking sellers to turn on all the lights inside the home and make sure blinds are open as well as closet doors. That way buyers or agents don’t have to touch anything while they are inside the home. We are also asking sellers to provide gloves to the buyers if possible. Masks, gloves and shoe covers will all help with the spread of bacteria. Sellers or agents can also use Clorox wipes to wipe down the front door handle, stair railings and counters after a showing. Q: How has the lending process been affected? Appraisals are taking longer. I’ve seen it take over four weeks in some cases. That, in turn, pushes back closing times back. Everyone needs to be more flexible and understand that everyone is doing the best they can during these times. Lenders are verifying employment right before closing. With so many losing their jobs because of the Corona virus, job security is an issue right now with mortgage lending. Mortgage interest rates are low right now, but I’m hearing some lenders aren’t locking in rates until the file is ready for underwriting. Rates are fluctuating a lot right now. Q: How are the title companies handling closings? If a buyer is able to pay with cash, some title companies are doing closings virtually, using DocuSign. This cuts down on the need for in-person closings. However, the lender requires “wet” signatures on some of the paperwork, so in some cases, buyers and sellers do need to sign in person. I saw on the news, one title company is conducting closings through a drive through bank window, so the escrow officer and buyer have glass between them. Other title companies are still closing in their offices, but only the escrow officer and buyer/seller are allowed in the closing. They are asking Realtors not to attend, so fewer people are in close contact.   Q: Is a now a good time to list my house for sale? The good news is that there are fewer properties on the market, so you won’t have as much competition. But the number of buyers is also lower. If you list now, you’ll have less competition because some sellers are putting off listing their home if they don’t really have to move. My recommendation is to list sooner rather than later, so when buyers are ready, so are you. Your home will be available and already on the market. HAR.com has put a notice on their web page that suggests that days on the market could be longer than normal and should not reflect negatively on a listing. All listings are in the same boat; people still have to move. Sometimes it’s for a job. Sometimes it’s for a marital change. There’s always a need for housing, which is why federal and state governments deemed Realtors essential during this time. Q: Is now a good time to buy? If you have job stability, it’s a great time to buy! Rates are low. You should talk to your lender, but it may be smarter to put less money down right now, so you don’t take a hit by taking your money out of the stock market for your down payment. With the market down, this may be an issue for you. Weigh the costs with your lender. There are fewer buyers in the market right now, so less competition. Buy now while there are fewer buyers looking. Real estate pricing is based on supply and demand. Rest assured that we’re doing everything we can to protect you. It’s not business as usual, but we are still buying and selling homes every day in a new and safer way. We’re here to serve you when you are ready! If it’s time to buy or sell your home, reach out

  • We’re proud to announce that Prime Properties Partner Stephanie Nelson is now adding the title of Designated Broker to her duties. As the Designated Broker for Prime Properties, she will support the agents in the Sugar Land office and serve as supervising manager for the firm’s sponsored agents. Stephanie’s primary goal is to help Prime Properties’ current team of agents grow their individual businesses. Additionally, her long-term plan includes recruiting additional experienced agents to join the team, which will ultimately expand the bandwidth and enhance the expertise of the company. “I have some really big shoes to fill,” says Stephanie. “Our founding broker, Mike Harness, served us with impeccable guidance and leadership from 2012 to 2019. I am inspired to carry on his work to support and grow our dedicated family of service-oriented professionals.” The seasoned team of state-licensed agents of Prime Properties focus on serving home buyers and sellers across Fort Bend County, a community they each call home. The Sugar Land-based real estate company offers prime realtor services, superior real estate market knowledge, expert home purchase and sales negotiation skills and top-notch real estate marketing. They are dedicated to the motto: There’s good, better, best, and then, there’s PRIME. About Stephanie Nelson A life-long resident of Fort Bend County, Stephanie is a true-blue Texan! She graduated from Sugar Land’s Clements High School in 1989 before a short stint in Denton at the University of North Texas, where she received a degree in Hospitality Management. When she married Damien Nelson in 1997, they naturally started their family here in Sugar Land. Two daughters and more than 20 years later, they still love to frequent Sugar Land Town Square for the community music, movies and holiday festivals. Stephanie began her career in banking and then for Continental Airlines. Looking for a way to combine her background in financial services and customer service, she became a Realtor in 2002. She knew how much she would enjoy helping people embark on new stages of their lives. Guiding her clients through the process to a successful and satisfying sale is still her passion today.