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Meet Prime Properties Co-Founder Mike Harness

Mike HarnessMeet Mike Harness, co-founder of Prime Properties with his wife Sherry Miles and Stephanie Nelson. Mike is a second-generation realtor, serving the real estate industry since 1978.

Mike has done it all. Starting as a clean-up boy on job sites, he moved all the way up the ladder to real estate broker/owner. Mike identifies two key mantras as the greatest lessons learned along the way: “Be diligent and timely in business,” and “Treat your colleagues with respect” – both admirable principles by which he lives.

Mike feels strongly about Fort Bend and identifies Fort Bend county as one of the fastest-growing real estate markets in Texas. He attributes that growth to the warm weather and a political atmosphere geared toward business growth. “I see continued growth in home values and development further away from cities.”

Co-founder and newly appointed broker of Prime Properties, Stephanie Nelson deeply appreciates the mentorship Mike has offered her over the last 18 years. “He’s pragmatic, logical, and fiscally responsible. He tells it like it is and is a clear communicator,” says Stephanie. “He knows how to get things done.”

“I’m thankful for the knowledge Mike has given me over the years,” she adds. “He’s a great man and I wish him much happiness as he enters a new phase of working less and enjoying life more.”

With more than four decades of real estate experience under his belt, Mike sees retirement on the horizon.

When asked about what the future holds, Mike is clear: “Retirement and more travel! I’m 71 and have had seven businesses over the last 50 years.”

“Time to kick back and have fun with friends and family,” he adds with a smile.