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Sugar Land Home Buying: Option Period for Inspectors and Inspections

In the Sugar Land home buying process you will have a week or so after the contract is signed- known as the  Option Period – in which to have your home inspected by a licensed inspector and to get a report of those findings.  If you want, you can have additional qualified experts in to do more detailed inspections – WDI (Wood Destroying Inspects – Termites) and HVAC (AC and Heat) are the most requested additional reports. Aging systems and changes in property codes tend to get mentioned a lot in inspection reports.  Additionally, there may be things going on that you had no idea about – lint build up in the dryer vent, some fascia board rot you just can’t see from the ground, or a roof joist that is starting to sag. Determine what is in line with average “wear and tear” in the house you want to buy. Do you really want to ask for every tiny little item on an inspector’s report? Or do you simply want those items that affect the health and safety of your family to be taken care of? Much of how you successfully handle this part of the house buying process can be seen in whether you and the seller agree officially in the Amendment that is signed by both parties.


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